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CedarGap Creations is Mother and; Daughter owned. We design and bake custom Cookies, Fondant Cakes, and hand poured chocolate treats for all occasions. We have been making these items for 40 years for weddings, baby showers, birthdays and other special events . Our kitchen is located on a 100 yr old Family Farm in rural Texas. Let us make your special custom requests, or just try some of our premade specialities. See and Taste where the old meets the new in Family recipes.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Cookies, Holiday Cookies

The Holiday season is upon us, and soon it will be Christmas.  My favorite holiday of the year.  The birthday celebration of our saviour Jesus Christ.  We love making our Christmas cookies, and also using your ideas to design and make your style cookies.  I have listed a grouping of some of our Christmas cookies in the process as well finished.  We can make cookies to suit you in your colors or use the designs you see.  Contact us and let us make your cookies.  We can ship your cookies to you anywhere in the world. For international shipping please give us at least 2 weeks for shipping.  We prefer to have at least a two week notice on all cookie orders. Our cookies can be flavored original sugar cookie almond flavoring, chocolate, mint, orange, lemon, gingerbread and many other flavors.  Just ask us for your ideas.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Decorated Thanksgiving Cookies Cornucopia, trays and Creations

Its that time again.  Can you believe its already November. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to tell someone special THANK YOU.  We are offering a wide range of Thanksgiving cookies for gift giving, family gatherings and maybe even office parties, teachers, etc.
  We also can make any of our Decorated Thanksgiving cookies into decorative creations.  I have posted some pics of the creations we did last year.  We try to always have some in Cornucopias as well as Thanksgiving Holiday containers.
 The Creations in the Cornucopias come in 3 sizes and prices.
  We have the 5 decorated  cookie cornucopia with 3 chocolate dipped oreos and chocolates for $15 your choice of cookies.
The medium size cornucopia is $20 with 8 decorated cookies and 6 chocolate dipped oreos and chocolates.
The large size cornucopia is $25 and comes with 12 decorated cookies and 9 chocolate dipped oreos and chocolates.  The cornucopias are very nice braided baskets from Michaels Crafts and Hobby.
Choice of cookies:  Pumpkins and vine, squash, fruits, Indians,turkeys, fall leaves, acorns,

We also offer our fall trays of double milk chocolate cupcakes with whoppers or M&M's on top decorated up in a Thanksgiving tray.  These trays sell for various prices based on the size and number of cupcakes.
Sunday, October 24, 2010

CAMO Decorated Cookies $2 Each

Bruce Maus (kansantowers912) sent you a conversation on August 20, 2011.

We recieved the camo cookies
We were just amazed at the creative perfection of these cookies. They are perfect to the tiniest detail. Frosting is amazing, how you did it so precise I cannot figure out. They are just lovely and I wanted to express my appreciation.
The packaging was excellent and they arrived in perfect condition. I am told they taste wonderful just as a good sugar cookie should.
Thank you so much for your excellent product.
Bruce Maus

Shades of Green decorated CAMO cookies:  Our thick sugar cookies frosted with royal icing to look like camo.  We offer three types of cookies in this design.  The CAMO shirt, CAMO deer head and CAMO circle that we call our target.  These cookies can be made with a lollipop stick or without.  We also add detailing on the cookies to finish off the top.

If you have a hunter you want to surprise we can also make the cookie Creations as shown below.  Unfortunately we cannot ship the creations, so they are offered only to local customers.  The creations contain 5 cookies, your selection and 3 chocolate covered oreos.  All creations are made in container you keep.

Individual cookies sell for $2.00 each
Creations sell for $15 each

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Witchy Fingers Halloween cookies

Willing to try something that looks like this?  These are Miranda's Witchy Fingers.  They are approximately 7 inches long, one inch wide.  They look gruesome, but actually taste very yummy.  They are a sugar cookie dough with Almond nails glued on with melted chocolate. A very tasty combination

We made a lot of these last year and shipped them wrapped in the white gauze and brown paper boxes as gifts.  These cookies sell for $12 per dozen.  If you want the half dozen gift box it sells for $12 also. 

Witches hats, Frankensteins, Jack o lanterns, Black Cats , Black Bats, Skulls, Boo Ghosts,
We have all the halloween cutters and make any selections.  All cookies are sugar cookie dough with our decorative frostings and finishes.  These make great party favors for schools, home and office.  These cookies all sell for $1 each.  We can make them by the dozen or you can order them in designed Creations.  Creations come in 3 sizes.  $10, $15 and $20

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Katy's 2nd Birthday "Silly Boys, Girls like Cars TOO!"

Our niece and nephew's daughter Katy=Katharen Elizabeth just had her 2nd birthday.  She loves little matchbox cars.  So Mom wanted to get cupcakes, made to add cars, a small individual cake just for Katy and then favor wrapped cookies for the party favors.  Her theme was " Silly Boys, Girls like cars too"   We think this was a cute idea and everything looked so good.  Thanks Cynthia and JL for letting us make Katy's goodies.

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  • We ship out from the Abilene, TX post office. We ship Priority Mail flat rate boxes depending on the size of your order. We will be happy to give you a shipping estimate up front. We pack our cookies very carefully to hopefully arrive to you in perfect condition. However, we cannot be held accountable for damage caused by the USPS. Since breakage does not effect the taste of our cookies, we do not offer refunds. All sales are final. If you would like to have faster or overnight shipping please request at the time of your order.