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CedarGap Creations is Mother and; Daughter owned. We design and bake custom Cookies, Fondant Cakes, and hand poured chocolate treats for all occasions. We have been making these items for 40 years for weddings, baby showers, birthdays and other special events . Our kitchen is located on a 100 yr old Family Farm in rural Texas. Let us make your special custom requests, or just try some of our premade specialities. See and Taste where the old meets the new in Family recipes.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

MAKE MONEY Working from HOME : Proven with little startup capital needed!

You can have our secret recipe for cookie dough and frostings for a little more than the cost of one dozen of our delicious and beautiful cookies. Read below to find out how..............................
Do you have small children or friends with children?  Our ideas could not only save you money, but you could be making money from friends and family!  We do, and we started without anything except old family recipes and the need to support ourselves thru college.   It was amazing how many businesses buy cookies also.  We have shipped 250 cookies to a University in Washington, DC.  WOW, were were excited and the extra money came at just the right time!!
Sound like something you want to do, or maybe just be the MOM on the block that creates all those beautiful party favors for your childrens parties and school and church functions?

Thats my sister and I in the following photos....making a cookie we designed for a Marine's wife that was deployed overseas....Yes, our cookies were made in Texas, shipped to San Diego, Ca and then on to an undisclosed location thousands of miles away!  The marines loved their specially designed and delicious cookies.

Would you like to have the same opportunity we have had? 
College can take its toll...classes, money, more classes and then trying to figure out how to pay for hidden fees they tell you about later.  With our Grandmother's recipes, and our creativity we not only designed our cookies, but we marketed them as well....FREE advertising  and FREE websites are available. We can tell you where and how to get started. 
This is not a GET RICH NOW scheme.  THIS is a way for you to make extra money in your home, designing, making and shipping your cookies all over the USA and international.

One of our best selling cookies is our ZEBRA design.  Its the cookie we have listed at the top of this posting. You cant find this cookie on the "Famous Cookie" sites or even buy it from AMAZON.  We are where you BUY it only!  We designed it and it has been our best selling cookie.  ZEBRA is the rage.  Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Get Well, think of all the ways you could be making and selling this cookie. Looks difficult, but we designed it to be made fast and easy.  We can give you the steps from beginning to end. 

 This is a CREATION we made and sold for $25 locally for a Teenagers Birthday.  We are the answer for fast, last minute gifts for almost any occasion in our community.  We are in a small rural town, can you imagine what you could do in your large Metropolitan or Suburban communities?  The answer for STAY at home MOMS! 

Our EBOOK of information costs only $19.99.....You pay thru the world renowned Paypal using a credit or debit card.  This site guarantees your item is received or your money is returned.  NO worries NO hassles.  The same site we use for payment of our cookies. 

Make $ extra $ money!  Your payment thru paypal not only gets you the EBOOK, we also will send you a starter package that contains several critical items to your success. One is the key to making our ZEBRA cookies.

Have you heard of ETSY?  EBAY? Just a couple of our inexpensive marketing sites. 
Wanting your own webstore like this.  Its FREE!  Just takes time and work.  We also show you how to set up your own store and get it picked up by Internet searches.  Sounds to good to be true for FREE?  It is 100% Free, just takes your time and effort. WE show you how.  We spent the hundreds of hours searching for the easiest most inexpensive ways to market so you dont have to.

Wouldnt it be nice to open your email and see notices from Paypal that people all over the USA ordered your cookies?  Wouldnt you like to set your hours to make your extra income? You can!  This EBOOK gives you all you need to get started.
You can begin making money the first day.  We show you how!


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